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James Conner underwent surgery for his toe and is expected to make a full recovery for 2021

It looks like James Conner cannot catch a break in regards to injuries on and off of the football field. During the offseason, Conner injured his toe while riding a recreational vehicle this offseason. Conner had surgery on that toe and is expected to make a full recovery by June prior to Training Camp.

Conner's next football team has to be cautious with him because it seems he can get hurt quite easily and I believe that is one of the reasons the Pittsburgh Steelers are not going to bring him back. He will be meeting with the Arizona Cardinals today and it will be interesting to see if he does end up signing with their organization.

If talks fall through with the Arizona Cardinals James Conner could be sitting on the market for some time. The New York Jets have shown interest in Conner, but no one else besides the Jets and Cardinals seems to have interest in him this offseason. It has been a rough offseason for James Conner.

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