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James Conner may be sitting on the market still but one team could be a good fit for him

It has been a rough offseason so far for running back James Conner. He was once considered a solid starter for the Pittsburgh Steelers who showed promise but couldn't stay on the football field due to injuries. So far not many teams have shown much interest in James Conner other than the New York Jets. He could possibly come back to the Pittsburgh Steelers if he takes a significant pay decrease and knows he will not be starting for the team. One other team could be a good landing spot for James Conner... The Arizona Cardinals.

Yahoo Sports 'Cards Wire' recently wrote an article saying James Conner would be a good fit with the Cardinals. After all the Cardinals are basically the Steelers West team. They tend to always love to pick up Steelers free agents in the offseason. The article says the Cardinals have not done anything in the offseason to address their running back needs. The Cardinals seem to be confident with Chase Edmonds as their starting running back going into 2021, but they haven't bolstered their running back room with a veteran presence like they love to do.

'Cards Wire' feels James Conner could come into the Cardinals organization and start alongside Chase Edmonds. That would be Conner's best bet in the offseason is to sign with a team where he can come in and get some reps instead of just being the bell-cow like he was in Pittsburgh. That is when Conner plays his best football. It is apparent he cannot play a full season being a bell-cow at the NFL level.

So I believe he would be a good fit with the Arizona Cardinals, but he could also come back to Pittsburgh for cheap and give the Steelers a great backup running back to compliment who they decide to take in the 2021 NFL draft. It will be interesting to see where James Conner lands, but let's hope he lands with a team who will use him correctly. His days as being a bell-cow running back in the NFL are over.

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