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James Conner: "It would be hard for me to leave Pittsburgh in Free Agency"

The Pittsburgh Steelers took James Conner in the third round of the 2017 NFL draft. What a story he was coming into Professional Football. He beat Hodgkin's lymphoma and then became a starter in the NFL. Conner played pretty decently when he was a backup and through a couple games as a starter, but the injuries started to pile up. Conner just couldn't find a way to stay on the football field.

James Conner played all of his football career in the State of Pennsylvania. He went to High School at McDowell in Eerie, Pennsylvania, played at Pitt University in College, and went on to play in the NFL with the Pittsburgh Steelers. All he has known is Pennsylvania Football. The 2021 season could be much different for James Conner. He could be playing in a new State with a different football team. It would be hard to see Conner playing for another city rather than Pittsburgh I must admit, but if he would like to come back on a friendly contract and play backup then sign him up.

James Conner on Free Agency: "It would be hard. I'm Pittsburgh through and through, but like I said, I'm big on my faith, so I'm always going to end up doing and being where I'm supposed to be at through the Lord's guidance and direction. It would be hard, it would be hard to put another helmet on. Just because of everything and what this city means to me, the city I played my college ball in, the city I had my life saved in, became healthy. The city I got drafted to, and I want to be able to say the city I brought a championship to."

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