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James Conner could be leaving Pittsburgh but he is giving all he has for the 2020 Steelers

James Conner has had a rollercoaster of a season. Much like his prior seasons. Injuries have been a major headache for James Conner. He has been hindered throughout his career with them. Conner has 721 rushing yards, and 6 touchdowns heading into the Browns game on Sunday. That is his second-best season in his NFL career. Conner is not worrying about what will happen in the offseason, but rather he is focusing on giving everything he has for his team currently. James would like to focus on the future heading into the Playoffs because he can't control what happened in the past. So he is going to keep moving forward and control what he can control heading into Sunday Night's game against the Browns.

James Conner on Sunday's Game: "It's going to be a completely different game," Conner said. "Nothing in the past really can help us going forward. We're going to study our film and try to do what's been successful, but it just comes down to who's the most physical team and things I can do, ball-placement, ball-security, all that."

Conner is looking to just engineer a win on Sunday with his team. Anything other than a win will be a disappointment. He knows the Browns will be coming into Heinz Field hungry to win. In fact, the Browns have not won at Heinz Field in 17 games so they will come in motivated to upset the Steelers. Conner knows this.

James Conner on the Browns: "It's just playoff football," he said. "It's January, playoff football. We got a good, hungry Cleveland team coming through Pittsburgh, so it's different in that sense. Football will be football but it's playoff football. We know we're going to get their best."

The Steelers are trying to get the running game going. One that has been struggling throughout the season. Conner averaged 4.8 yards against the Browns this past Sunday. He has also had 10 receptions for 70 yards on 13 targets in his past 2 games.

"I'm trying to just get involved in this offense where I can, whether it be catching little check-downs, trying to throw short, run long, whatever it may be. Just trying to get involved and help us to engineer victory."

Right now James Conner is not worried about where he will land next season. He said early in the season he would like to stay with the Steelers. Twenty-Seven Steelers will be free agents in the offseason so many Veterans have come out this week and showed urgency in getting this right because they may not have a chance to play together again in the near future. As for James Conner, he is just looking toward playing on Sunday and bringing the City of Pittsburgh a win. He is just taking it day by day.

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