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It's time for Art Rooney II to overrule Mike Tomlin and remove Matt Canada as Offensive Coordinator

The Pittsburgh Steelers front office are quite the stubborn group aren't they? They typically always love to do things toward the ways of the old rather than trying something new within their organization. Although I will say signing TJ Watt to a mega deal during the 2021 offseason was not typical coming from the front office, but they had no choice but to sign him to a longer term deal. Just look how that has paid off now...

Matt Canada has been atrocious with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Just walking around town talking to many Yinzers one of the first topics that come up is that the Pittsburgh Steelers need to fire Matt Canada. It seems like everyone, but Mike Tomlin has the similar idea going into the 2022 offseason. Tomlin believes Matt Canada needs time to adjust to the National Football level of play, but do the Steelers really have time for another project from Mike Tomlin? Absolutely not.

The Steelers need to go into the 2022 offseason and find a veteran quarterback, fix the offensive line, shore up their secondary, and fix their depth. It might seem like an uphill battle to do in one season, but the good news is the Steelers will walk into the offseason with the most cap. One domino has fallen recently with Keith Butler retiring and now Art Rooney II needs to overrule Mike Tomlin as the Steelers need to find a competent offensive coordinator.

Tomlin sent a clear message to much of the media and the fans during his last press conference of the 2021 season. He said he felt very 'optimistic' about Matt Canada. Please give me what Mike Tomlin is smoking because the Steelers offense finished 23rd just behind the Detroit Lions. Yes, those 3-13 Lions who the Steelers tied in 2021.

Matt Canada should have been sent packing after the Steelers first round exit in the 2021 playoffs to the Kansas City Chiefs. Ben Roethlisberger only had 24 passing yards in the first half and poor Najee Harris is running into a brick wall every time he runs. The fact that Canada loves to throw deep on 3rd and 3 and calling a reverse on 3rd and 20 tells you everything you need to know about the capabilities of Matt Canada at the NFL level. He just doesn't belong in professional football at this point.

Art Rooney II needs to get some balls and overrule Mike Tomlin then direct him to get a competent offensive coordinator for the 2022 season to give the defense the help they most desperately need to stay off of the field. The Pittsburgh Steeler's offense should be a top 10 offense just about every single season and what we witnessed in 2021 was despicable as well as unacceptable, especially coming from an organization that prides itself on playing hardnosed football. It's time to get back to the winning ways the Pittsburgh Steelers organization is used to otherwise this is going to turn into the dark ages very quickly.

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