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It's 'go to practice and go home' for Bud Dupree

(Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images)

Bud Dupree was on with TMZ Sports recently and talked about what it's like playing this season during a global pandemic. For Dupree, life has been pretty simple and centers around two things -- "go to practice and go home." Doing his best to follow the COVID-19 protocol set by the NFL.

The Titans are dealing with an outbreak right now with the virus, which caused the league to rescheduled their game against the Steelers in Week 4 to Week 7. Every day more positive tests come up for the Titans and their game against the Bills on Sunday is in serious jeopardy. For Dupree and the Steelers, they're just trying to do everything they can to be safe and follow the protocol thoroughly so they're not the team causing games to be postponed.

"We try to stay away as much as possible just so we won't be on that end of the stick," Dupree said. We don't wanna be the ones who are holding the game up. ... You really can't run from it, it's part of the world right now, it's global. We just got to keep dealing with it as best we can. Keep being safe, that's for every team to you know everybody is trying their best to be safe, all around."

The Steelers had their unexpected bye last week and are now just focusing on their Week 5 matchup against the Eagles on Sunday.

"With a coach like Tomlin, anytime adversity hit, he already got us coded to just keep going," Dupree said. "Live in the moment, be ready for whatever, just keep the punches going. He does a great job of preparing us for the moments even throughout training camp."

In this unprecedented season, Dupree was aware that an outbreak could occur and they as a team would just have to adapt to any alterations made.

"You know, we (were) all ready for it and was prepared and whatever happened we were ready," he said.

Dupree said he's eager to get back on the field on Sunday after having an unplanned bye week.

"We missed a week, you know seeing the other teams play, especially when it wasn't officially our bye week," Dupree said. "We were ready to play, we had already programmed our mind that we were supposed to be out there playing. We are excited to be back practicing this week and excited to be back in the stadium on Sunday. So hopefully nothing from now until then can stop us from playing this week."

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