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It looks like Quarterback Justin Fields has caught Mike Tomlin's attention prior to the 2021 Draft

Could the Pittsburgh Steelers trade up in the 2021 NFL draft for a top-tier quarterback? That is one of the biggest questions much of the National Media have asked about the Pittsburgh Steelers before going into the NFL draft this season. Although the Steelers have locked up Ben Roethlisberger to a one-year deal the Steelers quarterback situation does seem uncertain.

There is a bigger chance of the Steelers drafting a premier running back or offensive lineman with their current pick at No. 24 unless Justin Fields does end up sliding out of the top-10 in the 2021 NFL draft. If he does that could be very intriguing for the Pittsburgh Steelers to take a hard look at drafting him.

During Justin Fields Pro Day it looks like Mike Tomlin has been keeping a close eye on Fields throughout the offseason. In a video posted by Colin Dunlap you can hear Mike Tomlin tell Fields 'you know who we came to see, yes sir!'

Heading into the 2022 season the Steelers will have no quarterback under contract. It would be a good opportunity for the Steelers organization to start their quarterback room with a completely fresh start if 2021's current quarterback room does not work out.

Many draft analysts feel the Steelers will have to trade into the top-10 to get one of the premier quarterbacks in the draft. In fact, four CBS draft analysts have Fields being taken in the first nine picks. If the Steelers do not end up with Justin Fields in the draft expect the Steelers to be very interested once his rookie contract runs out if he pans out in the NFL. It looks like Tomlin showed he was very interested in Fields and it will continue down the road as long as Tomlin is still with the Pittsburgh Steelers in the near future if they do not end up with Fields in the 2021 NFL draft.

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