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Is the successor to Big Ben currently in the NFL?

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The next year or two could very much be the end of Ben Roethlisberger as we know it. As the QB nears 40, he might start to look at retirement a little harder. The hard part is going to be to replace him. Right now, there are three Heisman Quarterbacks in our division. On this article, I will include the potiental picks to replace Big Ben.

Dwayne Haskins Jr.- The Steelers might look for him to be the successor due to Washington not seeming to want to wait for him to develop. Haskins went to Ohio State where he had a very successful career and lets not forget that he actually beat out Joe Burrow for the starting job at Ohio State. The only way I would get Haskins was for a mid round pick. Just to see what he has. His cap hit is very small. So we can just see if he has a chance in being the future of the Steelers.

Sam Darnold- Maybe we give the potential 0-16 Jets a call, see if they would give up Sam Darnold for a mid-round pick. That's the only way I think we would get him. At that point, we would be getting a good deal for the player. Sam Darnold's contract is also pretty doable for the Steelers. We would get him for the 2021 Season and then we could either cut him loose by not resigning him or we could give him the contract that he deserves as long as his play reflects that.

Carson Wentz- I don't think this one will happen. His contract is just too large and he isn't playing too well. I just hope the Steelers steer clear of him. The Eagles, if Jalen Hurts continues to play well will probably take anything for Wentz to get him off the books. So, if I'm the Steelers I wouldn't take the bait. His contract would further bury the Steelers.

Cam Newton- Cam signed a 1-year deal with the Patriots to prove that he deserved a starting gig somewhere. I mean, he's done okay. However, I don't think with his age and injury history the Steelers would end up looking his way. They just might want to look younger at the position. It's a cool thought. Just don't think he's a great fit.

Dak Prescott- This would be my personal favorite just because of playing Madden. However, it won't happen. The Cowboys would be stupid not to lock up Dak Prescott who ended up being their future. If the Steelers somehow had a shot at him, I would take it though. He's a good signal caller who has bright future in the league. He would just need to lower his steep asking price.

Here's a short list without descriptions on them.

Jameis Winston

Jacoby Brissett

Tyrod Taylor

Mitch Trubisky

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