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Is JuJu Smith-Schuster running out of options?

(Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)

JuJu remains unsigned. Which that honestly surprises me. Now at day three, it seems as if his options are becoming limited. Could he go to a team on a one-year deal in hopes of a better market? Do teams just think he's not worth his high cost? I guess we will find out soon enough.

Honestly, both of those could be true. If I'm the Steelers, after losing nearly everyone else and cutting a fan favorite, you need to find a way to make Smith-Schuster a Steeler for 2021. It'll be tough, however, I think JuJu will think it necessary in order to reach his true value after next season.

Personally, I think JuJu has numerous offers from different teams. However, non are providing him with that long-term security that he so desires. I personally don't know which teams are still interested in JuJu after some of the WR dominos falling. I would think Miami would still be on the list for sure. However, he might not be encouraged by their QB situation.

I still wish the best for JuJu, he deserves to be paid. I'm just wondering who will end up paying JuJu in the end. Will it be Pittsburgh on a 1-year deal? Will he get the long-term deal he so desires? Only time will tell.

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