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Is James Harrison coming back to the Steelers?

The Pittsburgh Steelers made it official yesterday that Bud Dupree is out for the remainder of the season with a torn ACL. Mike Tomlin made it clear the Steelers are 'ringing' Alex Highsmith's bell in replacing Bud Dupree, but yesterday James Harrison posted a picture and video on Instagram showing he was with the Pittsburgh Steelers Doctor getting looked at. He said he is being checked out to 'see if this is going to work' while Dr. Bradley is looking at his legs in the video. This morning Bill Parise (Harrison's long time agent) spoke about James Harrison returning back to football.

“He’s a pretty busy guy these days,” Harrison’s longtime agent, Bill Parise, said “so I don’t know. I haven’t heard that Harrison is returning to play. No one’s talked to me about it.”

Bill Parise says he hasn't heard a word about James Harrison returning back to play football. James Harrison also has been pretty quiet on social media since posting those videos. Some are speculating Harrison is just trolling, but it is quite weird he is with the Steelers Doctor getting looked at. Mike Tomlin did not say a word about it during his Thursday Press Conference and he wasn't asked about it either. So for right now, it seems like James Harrison is not returning back to football, but rather that was just a check up from what his long time agent is saying. Only time will tell if the Steelers decide to 'ring' Harrison's bell, but he is 42 years old and is past his prime. He could be used to give Highsmith and Watt a breather along with Ola Adeniyi. For now, the Steelers will ride with Alex Highsmith taking over for Bud Dupree. It still doesn't mean they could look outside for help down the road, but for now Tomlin seems content with Highsmith.

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