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Is James Conner the Problem?

(Photo Obtained via Getty Images from Joe Sargent)

There are many different layers to struggling running attack of the Pittsburgh Steelers Offense. I am not sure what they will need to do in order to fix this. However, the question has to be asked. Is this because of James Conner? Or does it fall on the unit as a whole. Is it the Offensive Line?

I personally don’t think this all falls onto James Conner. I really don’t. I think part of it is because of these opposing teams stacking the box and trying to make Ben Roethlisberger beat them with his arm. This is working. Our O-Line does a fantastic job at pass-blocking but when it comes to run-blocking we see the struggles coming through.

I think we need to play to James Conner’s strengths more. He shouldn’t be played like an elusive back where he makes a lot of moves behind the line. I want him to be that downhill runner we know him to be. He needs to get that lead block from Watt and he should be averaging a good 3-5 yards per carry.

Hopefully, as the season goes on, we see some improvement. We are going to need a running attack when it comes to facing some of these better AFC Teams down the stretch. I just don’t think Big Ben will be able to beat them on his own.

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