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Is it time Big Ben hangs it up?

(Joe Sargent/Getty Images)

Most of my life, one thing has been constant. The Steelers have had Big Ben at the helm and the Steelers play very well when he is at the helm. However, these last few years have definitely left me questioning the Steelers identify and whether or not Big Ben still had it.

Physically, yes. I feel as if Big Ben still has it. However, mentally he seems quite broken. A player like Ben can handle the pain of injuries during games. He really can, and the Steelers can be good even though he is playing through injury. However, when he is mentally down or broken. The Steelers are in big trouble.

I know this all doesn't fall onto Ben. It really doesn't. He doesn't have a run game currently. HIs receivers are dropping balls that are costing us the game. It's a group effort in losing for sure. However, when you have one of the best defenses playing behind you in your tenure in Pittsburgh, it's time to pull yourself together.

If Ben wants a chance to shut up the haters, he really needs to turn it around these next few weeks and let loose. Throw the ball downfield more. Open up the playbook a little bit. These dink and dunks were cool for the first bit of the season. However, now you have been figured out. Now, it's time to adapt and become better than you have ever been in your career.

If this season continues to not go to plan, I think it's time the Steelers take a long look at the quarterback position and decide it's time to get a quarterback early and build around him. In the AFC North there are 3 Heisman Trophy Winners. The Steelers will need to find their Quarterback of the future after Ben. I don't think who we currently have on the roster is going to be the future.

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