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Is Big Ben a First Ballot Hall of Famer?

Photo Obtained via Getty Images from Jeff Haynes.

YES. Just because a guy with no rings says it, doesn’t make it true. Big Ben deserves to be in the first go around because his resumé speaks for itself. He’s one heck of a football player. #7 has broken a ton of all-time Steelers record and a handful of league records.

His stats right now are as follows, 57,322 passing yards, 370 Touchdowns and 192 Interceptions. These are very respectful numbers for a Quarterback out of that 2004 Draft Class. Some other notable stats under his belt is he has 6x Pro Bowls, and he has led the league in passing 2x times.

He currently, is tied with Brett Favre with 13 Playoff wins. So, he’s obviously up there with the greats. He’s also not done yet. I expect him to pass both Brett Favre and Peyton Manning in the near future in that category.

He is without a doubt a future Hall of Famer. He has been to three Super Bowls and has walked away from that with two Lombardi Trophies. Quite impressive, most people don’t even get close. People like Philip Rivers haven’t even been to the Super Bowl yet.

One-way Big Ben can shut up the doubters this season or the next is making a deep run in the post-season. I think by doing that he can truly cement himself right on top of the league and truly shut up the haters. Hopefully, we see Big Ben hoist that Lombardi one more time. If he somehow doesn’t, he still is a first ballot. Without a doubt.

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