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Ike Taylor says Ben Roethlisberger should 100 percent retire

Ike Taylor went on 93.7 The Fan today. He spoke about a ton of topics. One of the topics was about Ben Roethlisberger's future with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Ike was asked if he thinks it is time for Ben Roethlisberger to ride off into the sunset? He said Ben should retire 100 percent. He says Ben's mobility is an issue. Taylor began to describe how the 3 young AFC North quarterbacks are young and mobile with playoff experience. He thinks Ben will set the Steelers organization behind 3 years because the Steelers will have to wait for him to retire. Then the Steelers need to make sure they keep the same offensive coordinator. Once Ben retires Taylor says it will take at least 3 years to get comfortable with their new quarterback.

Ike feels Ben Roethlisberger has done enough for the Steelers organization. He says he is a Hall of Fame quarterback, but his mobility is an issue. He was then asked what the Steelers organization should do if Ben wants to keep playing? Taylor responded by saying "They're gonna let Ben rock out till he wants to rock know the Steelers, they're loyal."

So no matter what happens Ike Taylor feels the Steelers will let Ben Roethlisberger finish out his contract no matter what because the organization is loyal. Is that a good idea for the organization? Probably not, especially if it is going to set them back 3 years. The Steelers need to stop kicking the can down the road and look toward their future. They need to tell Ben Roethlisberger thank you for doing everything you have done for the organization and to go enjoy your family. There is life after football. It would benefit both sides in the end.

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