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If Tomlin finishes his full extension as Head Coach the Steelers will have 3 Coaches in 56 Seasons

Normally the NFL is a cutthroat business in regards to the Head Coaching position. That doesn't seem to be the case with the Pittsburgh Steelers. The organization doesn't like change very much and since they have had Chuck Noll as their Head Coach they have only had 2 other Head Coaches in Pittsburgh. Just take a look at how the Cleveland Browns organization has worked over many years. They have had 22 Head Coaches since 1946. There just hasn't been much stability in Cleveland like there has been in Pittsburgh in regards to the Head Coaching position.

If Mike Tomlin ends up Coaching the Pittsburgh Steelers through the end of 2024 the Pittsburgh Steelers will have 3 head coaches in 56 seasons. Those head coaches are Chuck Noll, Bill Cowher, and Mike Tomlin. That is not very common in the NFL and should be commended by the Pittsburgh Steelers organization.

Since 1969 here are the Steelers Head Coach win-loss records:

Chuck Noll: 209-156-1 (.572)

Bill Cowher: 161-99-1 (.619)

Mike Tomlin: 153-86-1 (.640)

It is safe to say I think Coach Tomlin will be wearing a Gold Jacket once his career is said and done with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Just based on the fact he hasn't had one regular losing season ever while coaching the Pittsburgh Steelers. The only thing Mike Tomlin needs to clean up is his playoff issues down the road. I have no issue whatsoever with the Steelers extending Mike Tomlin and staying consistent with their stability in Pittsburgh.


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