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If the Titans forfeit with the Bills then they should with the Steelers too

Surprise, the Titans have two more positive Covid-19 cases this morning bringing their total to twenty two now. This is officialy an outbreak in Tennessee. Guess what? It is Wednesday and their facility is still closed. They are scheduled to play the Bills on Sunday. The Bills are also scheduled to play on a short week after Sunday as well. So it is almost impossible to reschedule their game and the only choice the NFL has is to make the Titans forfeit.

If that is the case then the Steelers should get the forfeit as well. In fact, they should get the win first before the Bills. They were screwed out of a bye week and had to postpone their game. Even the Steelers Captain Cam Heyward voiced his opinion on their bye week.

"It was a whirlwind, You come in like a regular week, focused on your opponent. That's the selfish part in me, understanding that I got to be a little bit more flexible and adjusting to this. A lot of things happen on the fly. We're just trying to adapt to the situation. I know the NFL and the NFLPA is trying to do right by the players and the coaches but there's only so much they can do. It's going to take discipline throughout each player and each team to help accommodate that."

Technically the Steelers only had three days off and the NFL says teams should have 4 days off in order for it to be considered a bye week. Granted the Steelers wanted the extra bonus day on Monday to practice and asked the league for permission to get it. Their wish was granted. Now the Steelers have no bye week anymore and they have to play thirteen straight weeks of football. Ultimately, if the Bills get a win over the Titans without having to reschedule their game then the Steelers should demand the same treatment. In fact, they should get first dibs on the win because after all the Steelers did nothing wrong.

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