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If the Pittsburgh Steelers go Undefeated should Ben Roethlisberger be the MVP?

Although the media loves to trash Ben Roethlisberger on a daily basis there is no denying Roethlisberger is having a big year. Just last season he had major elbow surgery and the Steelers went 8-8 without their Franchise QB. They ended up missing the playoffs as well. That doesn't seem to be the case this season because the Pittsburgh Steelers are now 10-0 as you're reading this. Ben currently has 380 pass attempts, 2,534 passing yards, 24 touchdowns, and 5 interceptions. Through 16 seasons heading into his 17th season, Ben Roethlisberger has never won NFL's MVP Award. That should change if the Steelers go undefeated this season. Not only has he never won the NFL MVP Award he has never received a vote towards it in his 17-year career in the NFL. Derek Carr, Chad Pennington, and Phillip Rivers have received at least one vote toward the NFL MVP Award.

Just the fact that the Steelers went from 8-8 to 10-0 when Ben Roethlisberger returned should tell you everything in regards to his leadership with Mike Tomlin. Yes, Patrick Mahomes has incredible stats and they're currently 9-1, but Mahomes is not coming off of major elbow surgery from his throwing elbow. He is also not an undefeated QB in the NFL. That is why we say if the Steelers go undefeated Ben Roethlisberger should be considered for the MVP award because he is winning and leading his team day in and day out. He will be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame and should be a First Ballot Hall of Famer, but it is disrespectful to not even have one vote during his long historic career.

Even Randy Fichtner has endorsed Ben Roethlisberger for the MVP Award. Fichtner says Ben should be considered for the Comeback Player Award, but not only that he should be considered the MVP for the 2020 season. He says Ben just has to keep stacking his awards and continue to win football games.

"Most awards usually somewhat get attached to the stars that are winning," Steelers offensive coordinator Randy Fichtner said. "For that alone, Roethlisberger's got the one undefeated team in the National Football League. He's playing really solid, good football. I don't know. I think in the end people will probably have to keep looking back and say, 'Wow,' how he played and what he did. I would think Comeback Player of the Year. I would think MVP. I would think AFC Players of the Week, months maybe. We just have to keep stacking them. He just has to keep working them the way he is. I just see an excitement out of him that is really refreshing."

Ben Roethlisberger currently is the fifth leading candidate to win the NFL's MVP Award. He is trailing Patrick Mahones, Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, and Kyler Murrary according to Ceasars Sportsbook. He started out as the 19th best odds to win the MVP award at the beginning of the 2020 season. Ben has proven the sports analysts, betting market and haters wrong all season long by stacking up wins. He is the only undefeated QB in the NFL and if the Steelers end up going 16-0 he deserves the MVP Award at the end of the regular season heading into the Playoffs. No question about it.

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