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Ideal destinations for James Conner

(Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

James Conner was hoped to be the heir apparent for Le'Veon Bell. However, that didn't happen like Steelers fans had hoped. I think there are plenty of idea destinations for James where he could get a nice payday for himself. It's for sure not going to happen in Pittsburgh. I just don't see the Steelers offering him a crazy amount of money that might make him want to stay. Unless, he takes a significant discount.

Seahawks- I think this would be a good fit for James. Chris Carson is thought to leave Seattle and he has possibly been linked to Pittsburgh. I think James could have a good chance to compete for a prime spot in their running back room in Seattle. It's also worth noting that Conner is pretty good on the goal line and it seems that Seattle would be interested in something like that. Just a feeling.

Arizona Cardinals- We mentioned this possible move on our upcoming podcast. We just came to the conclusion that he would provide Arizona Cardinals with some good depth at running back that would benefit them. The Houston Cardinals could end up being a good fit for him and having a good running back alongside him could also help. Kenyan Drake is that guy who could split some snaps with Conner and they could give themselves a breather when needed.

Pittsburgh Steelers- There is a slim chance that he could come back, however, the Steelers would still be looking for their next great running back and that could be Najee Harris. I don't think having Najee Harris/James Conner/Benny Snell would be such a bad thing. That seems like a pretty solid running back room in my opinion. Still, I think this is a pretty slim possibility that this scenario plays out.

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