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How will the Steelers address the running game in 2021?

(Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

James Conner is slated to become a Free-Agent this offseason. Who knows what will happen with him? Perhaps the Steelers will bring back on a team friendly deal. I’d almost bet on that. It’s the Steelers way, bring back a loyal player on a good deal for the team. It’s such a good market for running backs this offseason, perhaps the Steelers will let him test the market and bring someone else in. Maybe bring in Mark Ingram, who was just cut from the Ravens. He’s aging for sure, however, why not give him a shot on a vet-minimum deal.

To address the run game, the Steelers must first address the offensive line. It’s as simple as that. The offensive line garners such a big cap hit on the team. However, they do not play like how much they are paid. Players like Pouncey and Alejando Villanueva have regressed to the point where they are clearly hurting the team.

However, I still think it would be Important to address the running back position via the draft. However, it is important to figure out where exactly you would want to address that position. Could it be the First Found? Second Round? If Najee Harris falls to the Steelers at 24, do you take him? The Steelers need their Saquon Barkley. Perhaps he can be that for this Steelers team. When you have a solid running game and an above average Quarterback, your team seems to become unstoppable. Especially without defense. So, hopefully the Steelers can improve

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