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How Many Touchdowns Will Chase Claypool Score In 2021?

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Chase Claypool had a monster rookie season for the Steelers. He was an awesome sure-handed downfield threat that was a touchdown machine.

Claypool finished the season with 11 touchdowns last season! An incredible amount in general, but for a rookie, even more insane. The question is, is that production level sustainable?

I don't think it is sad. If you take away Claypool's 4td game he only has 7 on the year. Which I think is likely to be his season-by-season average. Don't hear what I'm not saying here friends, Claypool will continue to be a TD machine! But it's more likely he regresses a little bit than keeps the train rolling.

All that being said, I officially project Claypool to have more receptions and receiving yards this season than last, but down 3 TDs to 8 total touchdowns.

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