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Here is the Police Report from the Justin Layne Incident as he was heard saying 'he is going down'

The Pittsburgh Steelers are making the rounds this morning nationally and it isn't the type of news they want to see. Justin Layne has been arrested on a warrant for a traffic violation. When they pulled him over they smelled marijuana and noticed a firearm that was loaded. The arrest happened around 3:00 am in the morning near Cleveland, Ohio.

The police report has been released and it says once Layne was arrested he made several phone calls in the back of the police car which could incriminate him even more. He told the person on the phone "They might get me for the Pistol, It's over I'm going down." Then he proceeded to say "Fuck the warrant, I aint's trying to go to jail for the gun, they acting like I got drugs, I got one blunt."

First of all why in the world are you making calls in the back of a cop car? Second of all anything you say or do will be used against you in the court of law. COME ON JUSTIN. How stupid could you be? Now they got you on video in the back of the cop car admitting to the reason why they pulled you over.

The Steelers are currently investigating the Justin Layne incident after releasing a statement saying they're gathering all of the facts. If the Steelers do end up cutting Justin Layne their cornerback position is going to look even worse in regards to depth. It will be interesting to see what the organization's decision will be soon.

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