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Heath Miller was Drafted in the First Round on this day in 2005

(Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

What a pick he was. For Heath being the 30th pick in the Draft, the Steelers got some real value. From the get-go, Heath was a professional. He ended up being Ben Roethlisberger's favorite target for years to come and he instantly became a fan favorite with his work ethic and he didn't need his mouth to put up the numbers he did.

Heath Miller had the pleasure of winning two Super Bowls and he played in a third. He also went to 2 Pro Bowls. I wish he could've gone to more, however, that doesn't downplay how good he was for the Steelers.

He caught 592 balls in his career for 6,569 yards and 45 touchdowns. It's a shame, I don't think he will make it into the Hall of Fame but he's still one of those players you'd put on the mountain top with Troy Polamalu, Mean Joe Greene, and others. He has surely been missed over these past few seasons since his retirement.

He didn't miss a lot of games over his career, he was Mr. Relible for the Steelers, and as I said above, he will be forever remembered. I remember a year after he retired and the Steelers had Jesse James and when James caught a ball for a first down, the crowd would still yell "Heeeeeeaaaaaaathhhhh" I'm happy to have grown up watching Heath Miller.

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