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Haskins has been Impressive during OTAs but isn't Separating himself from the QB's in Pittsburgh

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Dwayne Haskins is doing a good job in Pittsburgh so far, but it seems like he isn't separating himself from the pack according to Noah Strackbein from Sports Illustrated. Ben Roethlisberger has been very high on Haskins so far during OTAs and it seems like he just needs some time to develop behind a proven quarterback in the NFL. Washington made the mistake of rushing their rookie quarterback onto the football field and it ultimately destroyed their first-round prospect. If only Washington would have taken the time with Haskins and paired him up with proven veteran things might have been different in the future for both the Washington Football team and Haskins.

Ben Roethlisberger says Haskins release and throwing mechanics are some of the prettiest he has seen. The 18 year Future Hall of Famer said he wishes he had those mechanics as Haskins has. That is a pretty big endorsement from Ben Roethlisberger who generally doesn't like to endorse other quarterbacks on the Steelers roster. He even joked and said Haskins can throw a football through a car wash without getting wet.

Many of the Steelers players have said Haskins is a 'people person' and has a strong personality on the football field. The question is can he eliminate the distractions on and off of the football field because this is a great opportunity he is getting in Pittsburgh. So far he seems to be passing the test with flying colors and even his old head coach Ron Rivera sounded like he has some regret releasing Haskins instead of working with him after speaking to the media this week.

Noah Strackbein got to see Haskins practice during the Steelers voluntary OTAs. He did say Dwayne Haskins looked like a good quarterback but feels his 'hype train' is a bit overblown. Noah says Haskins has all of the qualities to be an NFL quarterback, but he didn't look better than Mason Rudolph or Josh Dobbs. He feels it is too early to tell where Haskins is heading although he is getting plenty of compliments from his teammates.


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