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Has James Conner Secured the RB1 Spot Back?

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

(Photo via Leon Bennett from Getty Images)

After Conner’s injury in week one against the Giants, many fans really counted him out. They were calling Benny Snell to be the #1 back. Clearly, that early Conner was injured and was hurting the team when he was on the field. However, this week Conner has certainly healed up and ran himself back into the RB1 category. He rushed 16 times for 106 yards with a touchdown. He averaged 6.6 yards per carry. His final run of the game really brought him up quite a number of yards. However, he had several key runs in the game.

He has definitely secured his spot back. For now. In this league, things can change so much. Players stink, players go down or people get straight up out performed and they could get a spot on the bench while the other player balls out and takes the fanbases favor. I’m happy Tomlin kept Conner’s confidence during the press conferences because if Conner was injured and wasn’t 100% he didn’t deserve to lose his spot.

Benny Snell had 3 carries in the game and only had 5 yards with those carries. In the second half of the game, Ben Roethlisberger was really attacking the corners and passing quite a bit, so we really didn’t see much of our running backs outside of James Conner.

My prediction is that Conner will build from this and become even better. Next week, he faces a tough test against the Texans facing against future Steeler J.J. Watt and that tough defense front. This game should be a shootout and hopefully we can have a healthy run game controlling the game and controlling the clock. I expect Conner to rush for over 100 yards still and dominate in the passing game. I expect Conner to also have 1 receiving touchdown to add to his good day.

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