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GMFB Peter Schrager feels the Steelers are the Best Team to Watch in Free Agency

Good Morning Football took on their top 5 teams to watch in Free agency. The top team that Peter Schrager is most excited to watch heading into free agency is the Pittsburgh Steelers. It makes sense because the Steelers have the most free agents in 2021. Typically the Steelers are not that exciting in free agency though because they don't like breaking the bank during free agency. Things won't be different this season unless they start lowering their cap drastically.

Peter says the Steelers are exciting because they need to address many positions in the offseason. The organization also needs to address why they came up short in 2020. The three things Peter feels the Steelers need to do in free agency address their putrid running game. The Steelers were the worst team running the football in the NFL. The Steelers were the worst team in football running the ball in 2020. They had 84.4 fewest rushing yards a game. The next lowest team was the Texans who had 91.6 fewest rushing yards.

The second thing the Steelers need to do is take Ben Roethlisberger's salary cut and put it to good use. The question is should the Steelers bring back a JuJu Smith-Schuster or a Bud Dupree? Should the Steelers go in free agency and get a couple of players with that money. Ultimately it will be up to the Steelers to decide what position is most important to fill in the offseason.

The third thing is to 'Make Canada Great Again.' What Matt Canada does is a lot of pre-snap motion, a lot of jet sweep, and how will you make that work in Pittsburgh? Well, Peter says the Steelers need to bring in some skilled players in the offseason. The Steelers need to have a much better offensive product on the football field in 2021 than in 2020. All 3 of these make sense, but the Steelers need to put together their offensive line and get an elite running back heading into 2021. Whether they do that in the draft or free agency that will be up to their front office, but they must figure it out or they can go ahead and kiss the 2021 season goodbye before they even get onto the football field.

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