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Gerry Dulac says the Steelers are targeting Najee Harris in the draft. QB is a fallback option.

(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Draft day is finally upon us and rumors will continue to happen up until the event starts at 8 p.m. in Cleveland.

Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette just posted an interesting rumor on Twitter that Najee Harris is the Steelers' target at 24th overall and the hope is that the Dolphins or Jets don’t take him. If he’s gone, however, Dulac says don't be surprised if it's a quarterback.

The top five quarterbacks in this year's draft are expected to be gone in the top 12 picks, but there have been talks of Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields falling in the draft. It seems like that's what Dulac is suggesting. It would be shocking to see Fields drop to No. 24 though.

Mike Tomlin was at Fields' pro day and had an interactive conversation with the young quarterback. Prior to the start of his pro day, Tomlin told Fields, "You know what we came to see. Give it to me baby." Fields replied by saying, "Yessir. I got you. I got you." Tomlin then said, "Have a good day. Let us know if you need anything."

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