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Free Agent Linebackers the Steelers should take a look at

(Photo via Getty Images From Justin K. Aller)

Cameron Wake- This one I have the hardest time seeing, but he would definitely be a welcome addition to the team. Wake is 38 years old and not currently in the league. He went to Penn State for College so perhaps he would want to come back to Pennsylvania for a Super Bowl run? We aren't looking for a home run starter. We just need some depth at the position.

Clay Matthews- This one I like, however the age is always the problem. He is 34 years old coming off of time spent with the Rams and perhaps he would like another opportunity to win a ring. The 11-0 Steelers might provide him with his best chance at that. The former Packer and Ram is currently not in the league and hasn’t been since last year. However, his experience might help this team and take them to the next level.

James Harrison- Okay, hear me out. Just watch the Fan Duel commercial with him, he totally still looks in shape. This one I don’t see happening for sure, however, it’s fun to think about James Harrison coming for another chance at a ring. Their breakup might have been a little messy when he went to the Patriots but, that was another chance for him at a ring. He has been out of the league for awhile now and he is now 42 years old. However, this 42 year old benches over 500 pounds. You tell me if you think we should at least give him a call.

Terrell Suggs- Coming off his time with the Chiefs, this guy might be looking for a chance at a ring with his former rival, the Pittsburgh Steelers. Sizzle is 38 years old coming off a Super Bowl victory with the Chiefs. If their was any chance to possibly give him a call and see what he was up to, I would potentially do it. He doesn’t have to play his former team anymore so it’s just a shot at another ring in Pittsburgh. It could happen!

Vic Beasely Jr- Good news with him, he’s on a practice squad. So, he wouldn’t be that hard to get ahold of. He’s not as good as he once was, and it’s been awhile since he was considered to be a force in the league. However, another change of scenery might just be what the doctor ordered here and maybe he would want another chance at a ring in Pittsburgh.

Nobody- Well, as you know. This is the Pittsburgh Steelers we are talking about here. Possibly, they will just end up picking nobody and being done with it. This sucks however, it’s the Steelers, “next man up” mentality and that’s not always a bad thing. Just I think it would be beneficial to get some depth at the position to help out the team during the playoff stretch.

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