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Fowler believes the Steelers could sign Mason Rudolph to a new contract and be a starter in 2022

The Steelers could be in line for a new quarterback in a couple of seasons. Quite possibly next season depending on how it goes for Ben Roethlisberger in 2021. Rudolph's contract runs out at the end of the 2021 season and the way Jeremy Fowler is talking on 93.7 the fan today sounds like the Steelers could bring him back and make him a starter.

Even Art Rooney II says Mason Rudolph has already shown enough to be a starter in the NFL. I don't know what Art Rooney II is drinking, but can I get some? Rudolph can throw the deep ball, but he has problems in the pocket. His pocket awareness is atrocious and at times he looks like a statue in the pocket looking for an open wide-receiver.

Jeremy Fowler of ESPN joined 93.7 the fan today and said he thinks the Steelers really like Mason Rudolph. Believes he could be in line for another contract. Probably after this season. With a good chance to start in 2022. If the Steeler's plan is to go 8-8 and become a mediocre team with the likes of Rudolph throwing the ball then by all means put him as your quarterback, but last I checked his father Art Rooney Sr. built this organization to win championships. Not become mediocre.

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