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Former NFL General Manager Michael Lombardi says the Steelers Offensive Line was Soft in 2020

It is very well known the Steelers have issues on the offensive line in 2020. The Steeler's offensive line was decent in the pass rush but terrible with run blocking. It seems ever since Mike Munchak left the Steelers to join the Broncos the offensive line has not looked the same. Shaun Sarrett was sent packing in the offseason who was the assistant to Mike Munchak. Sarrett eventually found a new home in Los Angelos with the Chargers. The Steelers promoted Adrian Klemm in the offseason to Sarrett's open position. Klemm would become the Steeler's new offensive line coach.

NFL General Manager Michael Lombardi recently sat down with 93.7 the fan and addressed the Steelers offensive line in 2020. Lombardi said part of the problem with the Steelers offensive line in 2020 was because they got so pass-happy they became soft, really soft. He said no one in the offensive line for the Steelers played well and he is willing to bet many of the players would admit to it if they were asked now in the offseason.

There have been reports that the Steelers have been in communication with Alejandro Villanueva in the offseason, but their numbers are not close. Lombardi says he likes the Steelers going after Villanueva in the offseason because he says Villanueva can play better in 2021. I don't agree with Lombardi on bringing Villanueva back because he looks like his play is declining rapidly. I'm not sure what Alejandro Villanueva watched in 2020, but I saw one getting dominated and manhandled toward the end of the season. He looked tired and worn out. If the Steelers want to fix their offensive line they will need to add younger guys on the offensive line. Not the same players they had in 2020.

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