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Former Browns QB Brady Quinn predicts the Steelers will win the Super Bowl this Season.

(Photo via Brady Quinn's Instagram)

During Bruce Murray and Brady Quinn's show on SiriusXM Blitz on Wednesday Murray broke down his prediction with Quinn on who is likely to win it all this season. Bruce Murray says the Steelers could win the AFC North, but ultimately has the Chiefs winning the Super Bowl and Quinn has the Steelers winning the AFC and the Super Bowl.

“Everything you’re hearing and seeing about Ben Roethlisberger coming back from that injury, with the arm being sound. I think it’s easy to see Pittsburgh in it,” Murray said via the Steelers Wire.

Although Murray has the Ravens winning the AFC North, he still believes the Steelers can get to the Big Show (The Super Bowl) because he feels the Ravens will find a way to lose in the playoffs again.

While Murray did say he liked what he is hearing about Ben Roethlisberger he does think the Chiefs will beat the Steelers and head to the Super Bowl in Tampa Bay. On the other hand, Quinn has the Steelers beating the Chiefs and heading to the Super Bowl.

“I think the Steelers might be one of the only teams that defensively has the pieces to match up with the Chiefs offense," Quinn said. "Also, offensively, put some pressure on the Chiefs and put up some points through the air and on the ground.”

Quinn continued by saying “They get JuJu Smith-Schuster coming back healthy with a second-round pick in Chase Claypool. And Diontae Johnson, James Washington to go along with their tight ends, their run game. They really do have it all."

Quinn says it all comes down to the health of Roethlisberger after having surgery on his right elbow which sidelined him all but six quarters in 2019.

“As long as Ben stays healthy and plays the way he’s capable of, this team shouldn’t have any shortcomings," Quinn said. "I have the Pittsburgh Steelers winning it all in 2020 and beating the New Orleans Saints, unfortunately for Drew Brees and Sean Payton. It may be one of the last Super Bowl wins Pittsburgh has with Big Ben.”

Quinn brings up a scenario of what happens if Roethlisberger gets COVID-19, a situation that could come up for any player in this abnormal season.

“What’s going to happen if Ben Roethlisberger gets COVID and has to miss a couple of weeks?" Quinn questioned. "Will Mason Rudolph be able to take over and do enough at the quarterback spot? There are all kinds of questions that are yet to playout for the league.”

Much of the media are not fans of the Steelers winning it all this season, much less being an 8-8 team (freaking Colin Cowherd). This was pleasant to hear for once because the Steelers really do have a loaded roster. They have a Super Bowl defense and a two-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback, but again it comes down to Roethlisberger staying healthy. In the end, let's hope Quinn is right and the Steelers hoist the Lombardi at the end of the season.

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