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Father tells his boys the Browns have traded Baker Mayfield to the Steelers as an April Fools Joke

It is officially April Fools day. Much of the NFL fans love this day. Especially us. We tried to get Yinz this morning with an Antonio Brown post on Twitter and Yinz ended up being too smart to know Antonio Brown wouldn’t come back to the Pittsburgh Steelers, but there could be a chance right?! Probably not.

This morning Timothy Daniel decided to play a prank on both of his boys who are Browns fans. He told them Baker Mayfield has been traded to the Pittsburgh Steelers. One of the boys could be heard saying "are you serious?" While his other son said "So dumb of the Browns to trade Baker Mayfield."

One of the boys ended up burying their head into a bean bag when hearing the news that Baker was traded to the Steelers. The boys ended up figuring out it was an April Fools Joke, but his dad got them good. They were down big.

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