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ESPN says the Steelers should trade for Dwayne Haskins

November 3rd's NFL trade deadline is quickly approaching. There have been many trade speculations throughout the league lately, but the one that caught our eye was Bill Barnwell's ESPN article. Barnwell's article breaks down the 13 NFL trade offers he would like to see happen. One of them is involving the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Washington Football Team. Bill suggests the Steelers should trade CB Justin Layne and a Fourth Round Pick for Dwayne Haskins. He feels Haskins is on his way out of Washington after being benched by Ron Rivera for Kyle Allen. Haskins seems to need a new location to start fresh because Washington hasn't been too friendly to him. Also, the Washington Football Team is going to be in a position to draft their future quarterback if that is their desire to do so in 2021. A new team and playing behind Ben Roethlisberger could create a resurgence for Dwayne Haskins.

The Pittsburgh Steelers need to get a better backup quarterback because Mason Rudolph just doesn't look to be the future quarterback the Steelers are looking for. Rudolph is about to enter the final year of his rookie contract too. Washington hasn't made Haskins look valuable so a Justin Layne and Fourth Round Pick seems quite reasonable. Sam Darnold is another quarterback to keep eyes on as well. Both quarterbacks would be better than what the Steelers currently have. It would be a nice upgrade for one of those two to learn behind Ben Roethlisberger.

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