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ESPN says the Pittsburgh Steelers are the Best Fit for JJ Watt

The Houston Texans shocked the world yesterday by releasing the most dominant defensive lineman they have had in the history of their organization. JJ Watt says he wanted to set the record straight on social media on why he asked to be released from the Houston Texans. Once JJ Watt was released the Pittsburgh Steelers immediately became the topic of JJ landing with because of his brothers playing for the organization. Even TJ Watt tweeted out a gif of the Rock saying come.

Jeremy Fowler reported today that JJ Watt will take his time this weekend before looking over options in free agency. Teams that are interested in JJ Watt are the Pittsburgh Steelers, Cleveland Browns, Buffalo Bills, and the Tenessee Titans. Fowler has listed his best options in free agency for JJ Watt. Fowler says the Rams, Patriots, Titans, and Packers would be good fits, but the Pittsburgh Steelers were named the best fit for JJ Watt in free agency. Let's hope JJ Watt decides to come to Pittsburgh because that would be a rare opportunity to play with both of his brothers on the same football team.

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