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ESPN's John Clayton believes the Steelers could lose a Draft Pick from DeCastro's Injury Debacle

No one thought the Pittsburgh Steelers were going to release David DeCastro during the 2021 offseason. He had one more year left on his contract but has been plagued with injuries throughout his career. The Steelers have seen enough and thought it was time to let him go. It is unclear if DeCastro will continue to play football or retire. At this point in his career, he is set to have another ankle surgery and says he is alright if he decides to retire from the game of football for good.

The Steelers might find themselves in some trouble by not placing DeCastro on their injury report last season with an ankle injury. This isn't the first time the Steelers have ignored the injury report so it could be interesting to see if the NFL will end up punishing the organization down the road.

ESPN's John Clayton believes the Steelers could get a fine for not listing DeCastro on the injury report in 2020... He even said they could lose a draft pick if the NFL feels that is the right way to punish the organization.

Clayton on the Steelers DeCastro Situation: “They could be under a little bit of investigation for that,” Clayton said. “What it would mean is that they would get a fine. The NFL could take a draft choice. They could take it that severe.”

That would be something the NFL would do to the Pittsburgh Steelers too because they seem to go after the Steelers organization much harder than a lot of other NFL organizations. For instance, the Patriots can almost get away with anything and they will just get a slap on the hand almost every single time they're punished.

I hope nothing comes from it other than a verbal warning to the team which I think would be fair because DeCastro is not even on the Steelers anymore. Maybe the NFL won't even say anything and the whole situation will be swept under the rug. After all, they have bigger fish to fry with all of these OTA violations that have nothing to do with the Pittsburgh Steelers...


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