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ESPN's John Clayton believes the Steelers could cut Joe Haden and Vince Williams

Will there be a bloodbath heading into free agency on March 17th? Many Football experts including John Clayton believe it will be. Clayton recently sat down with 93.7 the fan and discussed why he thinks it will be a blood bath. During their conversation, he said two Steelers that jump out to him the most to be cut are Joe Haden and Vince Williams.

The Steelers seem to be reworking contracts in order to not cut as many players as they would have to, but it still doesn't mean they will not cut big names going into March 17th. Clayton says the Steelers can't have Joe Haden over $13 million dollars heading in the 2021 season. Haden is due $15 million in 2021, but if the Steelers release him they will only save $7 million. Vince Williams is due $7 million in 2021 and if they release him it will save them $4 million.

At the end of the day, the Steelers will need to restructure either Steven Nelson or Joe Haden. I would restructure Nelson and keep Haden, but again it will depend on what the Steelers feel is best for their organization. I can see the Steelers letting Vince Williams go because they could bring back Robert Spillane on a much friendlier contract than Williams. That would be unfortunate to see Williams go because he has played all 8 seasons with the Pittsburgh Steelers and has become a great veteran for the organization.

It should be noted that Joe Haden said recently he predicts the Steelers will not cut either Vince Williams or himself in a tweet last night. It is a waiting game at this point on what the Steelers will do, but either way, the Steelers have some tough decisions to make this offseason and some are going to unfortunately be heartbreaking for Steeler fans.

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