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ESPN's Draft Day Predictor says the Steelers have the Highest Chance of landing Najee Harris

Where will Najee Harris land in the 2021 NFL draft? That has been on the minds of many Pittsburgh Steeler fans throughout the 2021 offseason. Harris has been connected to the Pittsburgh Steelers for much of the offseason and the Steelers have done their due diligence on him, but it looks like the Jets and Dolphins could be a roadblock in their way of acquiring Harris's services. Out of all 3 NFL teams, Najee Harris should want to be with an organization like the Pittsburgh Steelers, but the draft process is out of his hands.

Seth Walder of ESPN recently posted the full range of outcomes for Najee Harris in the 2021 NFL draft. It looks like the Steelers No. 24 selection is currently the best chance to land Harris in the 2021 NFL draft with a 12% chance. Looking at their draft day predictor graph you will see no other pick has a higher chance other than 8%. That means Najee Harris landing with the Pittsburgh Steelers is the favorite according to ESPN Analytics.

Nothing is guaranteed in the NFL draft and teams could draft him well before the Steelers even get a chance to think about drafting Harris, but if Harris is gone there are still great running backs like Travis Etienne and Javonte Williams. So if Harris does not fall to the Steelers know there should still be premier prospects sitting on the board when the Steelers draft.

Whoever lands with the Pittsburgh Steelers as their new premier running back will instantly become a star in the NFL and I believe any running back prospect would want to land with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Hopefully, the Steelers can land one of the top 3 running back prospects in the 2021 NFL draft.


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