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ESPN's Damien Woody takes a shot at the Steelers Offensive Line

If you have been following the Pittsburgh Steelers ever since Mike Munchak left Pittsburgh you would know the Steelers have had issues with their offensive line. Shaun Sarrett took over for Munchak when he left town and the Steelers offensive line have fallen off a cliff completely. So the Steeler's mission this offseason was to 'revamp' their offensive line.

They started by replacing Sarrett for Adrian Klemm who is known to want physicality on the offensive line when he coaches football. At UCLA some of the players said Klemm was too hard on them and had a lawsuit placed against him after he told a player he will make it his mission to not let him see the field again. There were also issues with Klemm putting in players that had concussion symptoms, but all of this was mostly 'he said' issues. So Klemm will now take his talents to coach the Steelers offensive line this season.

Klemm did work with Kevin Dotson over the 2020 season and has done a remarkable job with him. If that is what we are to expect with Klemm in Pittsburgh then give us more of that because he did an outstanding job with Dotson. The Steelers also brought in some offensive linemen during free agency with one being the former Super Bowl winning Tackle Joe Haeg. It won't stop with free agency because the Steelers are expected to draft some young talent in the 2021 NFL draft to help fix their offensive line going forward too.

Pro Football Focus recently posted what the Steeler's potential offense could look like going into the 2021 season. They asked 'Who is stopping this potential Steelers offense?' Well, ESPN's Damien Woody feels the Steeler's own offensive line is going to be the one to stop the Steeler's offense going into 2021.

Just another typical ESPN Analyst taking a shot at the Pittsburgh Steelers. Woody could be right, but with how the Steelers are revamping their offensive line he could be completely wrong too. No one knows what the Pittsburgh Steelers' plans are going into the 2021 NFL draft, but I will tell you if they get Najee Harris and a few talented offensive linemen in the draft many football teams better watch out because now the Steelers will not be one dimensional any longer. Hopefully, the Steelers make Woody eat his words in 2021.


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