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Eric Ebron says he is humbled after losing to the Washington Football Team

Eric Ebron has had a lot to say lately in regard to the NFL having the Steelers play 3 games in 12 days. He said the NFL is trying to see the Steelers fail. Well if that is what the NFL wanted, they got exactly what Ebron was saying. The Steelers lost their first football game of 2020 against an underrated Washington Football Team. A few days ago he said the NFL better give the Steelers the biggest plane, the best hotel because they need to be 30 times better than when they go to the Super Bowl because that'll be their makeup to us. He's had a ton to say as of late, but today was a turning point after the Steelers' loss. He took to Twitter and said "Humbling .. Humbling game ... I'm happy about the loss, the fire has been re-lit. We will be ready to come Sunday."

This is a different talk coming from Eric Ebron which is a good talk. He admits the loss and says the Steelers are ready to turn a corner. Two problems: Randy Fichtner and Dropped Passes. The Steelers must clean both up before they play primetime against a tough Bills team who is 9-3. In fact, this could be the Steelers' toughest game they played all season. They better not start slow against the Bills because they could see themselves climbing out of a hole early on. A concerning stat for the Steelers is they have had just one touchdown drive on their opening possession this season and that was against the Titans in Week 7. Before that, they didn't have an opening drive touchdown since Week 15 of 2018 against the Patriots. That is astonishing. Truth be told when the Steelers start the game hot they tend to dominate, but for some reason, they can't figure out how to get going.

Eric Ebron had a decent game against the Washington Football Team, but he dropped some passes. He was targeted 11 times and caught 7 receptions for 68 yards. Again, the problem is catching the football. Although Ebron feels humbled the best music to our ears is to hear the Steelers fire is re-lit because they have played terribly for the past 3-4 weeks although they have won 3 of 4 games. The Steelers and Eric Ebron need to get it together this week and show up on Primetime to play the Buffalo Bills. They need to show the world they're for real and not the worst 11-1 NFL team in history as some would say. Beating the Bills would be a great start.

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