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Eric Ebron on the 2020 Steelers: "I feel this team has a purpose"

Eric Ebron spoke to the Media this morning on a zoom call and as always he was great to listen to. He said the 2020 Steelers have a purpose and when your purpose is bigger than anything else it makes games, not as celebratory. The Steelers are currently 10-0, but they only take it one game at a time this season and are looking forward to going 11-0 on Thursday against the Ravens. That would be a huge win and just about seal up the AFC North.

"I feel like this team has a purpose. When you wake up with a purpose, when you do things with a purpose, it causes things to be done the right way, the proper way. Everybody knows what page we are on. I feel like that is this team. We have a purpose."

What a great addition Eric Ebron was to the Pittsburgh Steelers. He truly loves playing for this team and says it just about every time he speaks to the media. Ebron continued to say he is not worried about going undefeated, but if the Steelers don't win the Super Bowl this season was for nothing. Ebron feels the Steelers have already made history by going 10-0 for the first time in franchise history so they would rather lose now than in the playoffs.

"You win the Super Bowl," said Ebron. "That is the only way you get full off of this. At the end of the day if we don't win the Super Bowl, going 10-0 was pointless. We've got to win the Super Bowl.

"We already made history, what is the pressure. I would rather our loss come now, knock on wood that we don't lose, but I would rather our loss come now than then. We are not tripping. If were to lose a game and still be winning, we are not too concerned about it. We don't talk about it because we don't care. We have one purpose. That is just how it is."

The Steelers will play the Ravens this Thursday on Thanksgiving Night for what could be for all of the marbles, but the Browns are still hanging on in second place. Ebron said the Ravens game is just another football game to him. He did say they're coming into their house this Thursday night and he doesn't like losing at home.

"To me, it's a football game," said Ebron. "To me they are an opponent that doesn't wear black and gold. They are just another opponent. At the end of the day, you are about to come into our house. I don't like losing at home. That is another opponent coming into our house that we have to defend."

We love this talk coming from Steelers players coming into Thursday night. The Ravens are trying to hold onto the playoffs and the Steelers are trying to get the number 1 seed in the AFC so this game sets up to be important for both teams. It will feel like a playoff game and one the Steelers will need to pull off to continue their comfortable lead in the AFC North.

Another interesting conversation Ebron had with the media this morning was in regards to him blocking more for the team. He said he has knocked a few years off of his life and feels a lot sorer, but at the end of the day, he is helping his team win football games. Whatever he has to do to win football games he will do on his end. Colbert made the right choice bringing in Ebron this offseason to the Pittsburgh Steelers. This is what we love to hear and we look forward to watching Ebron with the Steelers for more weeks to come.

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