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Eric Ebron congratulates Josh Allen on the win in a bizarre way. Leaving Steelers fans irriatated.

(Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images)

Sportsmanship is one thing and it's upstanding, but Eric Ebron interrupting Josh Allen’s postgame interview to shake his hand and congratulate him on a “nice win” was just awkward. You can see the clip here and see it for yourself.

First, the Steelers lost 26-15 to the Buffalo Bills and it was a downright ugly performance by both sides of the ball for Pittsburgh, especially on offense. Second, Ebron did not light up the stat sheet, just two receptions for 30 yards and had a reception on a two-point conversion. He had a horrendous drop in the second quarter that would have gone for a first down on third-and-3. Ebron, like Diontae Johnson, continues to have stone hands, an issue that plagued him when he played for the Detroit Lions and Indianapolis Colts. Media members in Detroit and Indianapolis warned Steelers fans about Ebron's inability to catch the ball and it has really shown in the past three games.

So, why was Ebron so excited after the game? Was it because of the reception he had on the two-point conversion? He was more hyped up than the winning quarterback Allen after the game.

Here's the thing, it was just a lack of awareness by Ebron after a brutal loss. Allen was getting interviewed after the game by NBC Sports and you can see in the video that Ebron saw what was happening in the near distance. He had to know the interview was being aired on TV, right? It was just not a good look for Ebron. It was like he didn't even care that the Steelers just lost to the Bills and the No. 1 overall seed that comes with a first-round bye is in the hands of the Kansas City Chiefs now.

It would have been different if Ebron congratulated Allen on the win with a different tone, and of course, not interrupted Allen's interview while a camera is right in front of him. Even if Ebron interrupted the interview and wasn't so excited and used better word choice it would have been fine. Say "good game" or whatever and move on. In this instance, Ebron acted as if the Steelers had just won the game. It was just a bizarre scene. Let's just say you would have never seen Jack Lambert or Mel Blount do what Ebron did after a loss.

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