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Eric Ebron can't wait for Yinz to bring the energy back to Heinz Field in 2021

Many players who signed during the 2020 offseason with their new NFL team did not get to experience the energy fans bring when stadiums were full. Covid-19 put a hamper on the NFL's plans and to be honest it was very strange to not see full stadiums in 2020. I hope we have to never see what we saw happen in the NFL ever again. The fake noise they were piping in during their games on tv felt very fake and it just wasn't a good overall experience. What can you do though when the Country is experiencing an outbreak... At least we still got to see football.

Steelers Eric Ebron is one of those players who missed the fans in 2020. He missed the terrible towels and knows what kind of energy Yinz can bring during their football games. He took to Twitter today saying he missed the total "Pittsburgh Experience" and it was tragic not having the fans at Heinz Field.

The good news is Roger Goodell said he expects the NFL to have full stadiums in 2021. Many other sports are starting to fill in their stands as well and it looks like we finally are starting to get back to normal. So Ebron will get to see the Terrible Towels in the stands going forward.

Ebron also announced he will be training with an Elite group of tight-ends this summer at 'Tight-End University.' Just to name a few they're Geroge Kittle, Travis Kelce, Mark Andrews, David Njoku, and Greg Olson. He is looking to expand his game in Pittsburgh and the Steelers should welcome it because they could potentially have a double-headed dragon with newly acquired Pat Freiermuth.

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