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Elias Sports Bureau denied the Steelers' appeal to reward T.J. Watt with another sack

(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

According to Pro Football Talk, T.J. Watt remains tied with Michael Strahan for the single-season sack record of 22.5 sacks, as the Elias Sports Bureau rejected the Steelers’ appeal of the aborted snap that the statisticians ruled on Watt's tackle for loss on Tyler Huntley. The Steelers believed it was a sack.

The statisticians in Baltimore took a sack away from Watt in the first quarter. There was a bad snap on the play and Watt sacked Tyler Huntley after he got up from recovering the loose ball. Huntley never fully got up on his feet, however. Watt was credited with a forced fumble on the play, so the statisticians acknowledged that Huntley had possession, but Elias Sports Bureau believed that Huntley never had the intent to throw the ball.

While Watt ripped through Ravens tight end Eric Tomlinson and right tackle David Sharpe for his 22.5 sack of the season, you can't say the same for Strahan when he set the record, as Brett Favre literally laid down for him. Had Elias Sports Bureau reward Watt with the sack there would have been an uproar from a lot of people, but it wouldn't have been as bad as Favre give Strahan a gimme.

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