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Eddie Faulkner says Najee Harris needs to go home and watch tv because he practices too much

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Steelers running back coach Eddie Faulkner has his hands full with Najee Harris. It is not a bad thing to have your hands full with an elite-level running back prospect either, but I don't think he has seen anyone put in the amount of work that Najee Harris has been putting in over the past month since Harris was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers.

That is why Faulkner said that Najee Harris has to learn to give himself breaks... Go home, watch some tv because sometimes you have to take a deep breath. This isn't the first time we have heard how much work Najee Harris is putting in at the Steelers facility because Ben Roethlisberger said he heard Faulkner tell Najee he had to go home because it was too late.

Faulkner also said Najee Harris is a running back coach's 'dream' during his media appearance this morning. So it sounds like the Steelers coaches are very high on Najee Harris, doesn't it? One of the reasons why he says Harris is a running back coach's dream is because he has not had to ask Harris to come in for extra work. He said, "He's always soaking it up, he's always wanting it." In fact, he told the media again that the one thing he needs to teach Harris is to take breaks.

When describing Najee Harris Faulkner called him a 'tail-wagger' because he is always wagging his tail, ready to learn. That is why it is very fun to coach Harris on the football field said, Faulkner. One of the things Harris has to work on going forward is the intricacies more so than the big things. Little things like route stems, footwork, and other things. It is unclear if the Steelers will let him loose in 2021, but I think it would be a good idea to allow him to establish his dominance on the football field right away.

Once Najee Harris can find a way to get going I don't think he is going to look back. I believe he is capable of being one of the best running backs the NFL has seen if he can stay healthy, but let's just allow him to get his rookie year under his belt before we start crowning him as one of the best the game has seen. It is very exciting to see what Najee Harris can bring to the Pittsburgh Steelers and I am going to enjoy seeing him develop under the Steelers organization who are known for their physical football.


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