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Early 2021 Power Rankings have the Pittsburgh Steelers ranked 10th in the NFL

After every season will release their very early power rankings after the Super Bowl. No one really knows how the teams will handle the offseason so the early power rankings typically change drastically once the new season starts. Honestly, I would put the Steelers outside of the top 10 right now because they completely collapsed at the end of the 2020 season. I feel the Steelers need to earn their way back into the top 10 and show they're not frauds, but for now, feels the Steelers are still a top 10 team right now.

The article states the Steelers will have quarterback controversy in 2021. That is something we have not heard in a long time because Ben Roethlisberger has been the quarterback for 17 seasons. Fresh off of the 2020 collapse it will be up to President Art Rooney II and Mike Tomlin on who will take the reigns of the quarterback position. I would be surprised if they do not come to terms with Ben and he ends up retiring. I feel Ben will be back in 2021 and attempt to give it one last shot at a Super Bowl. Whether the Super Bowl happens or not will depend on how the Steelers play.

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