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Each AFC North Team's biggest Free-Agency move

The Steelers, Bengals, Browns, and Ravens have all made some moves. Today, I have chosen to pick out each of those teams and talk about the biggest move each of them has made thus far in the 2021 Offseason.

Cincinnati Bengals- The Bengals are still working hard at building their team. They have definitely improved since last season. However, the elephant in the room here is whether or not they can protect Joe Burrow. That remains to be seen. In my opinion, the biggest move the Bengals have made this offseason is signing Riley Reiff the 32-year-old Vet who spent time in Minnesota. They are doing their best to protect Joe Burrow. So, we'll see if these efforts pay off. They should definitely draft an offensive line player in the first or second round though.

Cleveland Browns- The Browns have really had a quiet offseason in my opinion. They have brought in a couple of key players. They made the playoffs last year, so that's good for them. Now, they just need to add pieces that will help this team get over the hump in the 2021 season. I know this team just added Clowney, but my favorite addition for the Browns is John Johnson. Andrew Sendejo was definitely a weakness for the team last season, and now they have fully addressed the position and added this stud safety from the LA Rams. This is a really good pickup.

Baltimore Ravens- The Ravens like many of the other teams in the AFC North have been fairly quiet. That's not a bad thing. They spent time rebuilding some of their offensive line. They added Kevin Zeitler and that has to be my favorite addition for their team. Lamar is a very mobile Quarterback and I think adding a player like Zeitler might help keep Lamar upright.

Notice a theme here? These teams that have these superstar QB's spent time adding a player or players to their offensive line. I think the AFC North has had a fairly quiet offseason. We haven't seen any major additions as of yet. So, once again I expect the AFC North the continue to be one of the most competitive divisions in the NFL.

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