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Dwayne Haskins signs for the Minimum with the Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers made a splash in the off-season by signing Dwayne Haskins last week to a futures contract. It caught everyone off guard except the media. ESPN and other media outlets have been saying Haskins would be a good fit in Pittsburgh. Haskins has the talent to play football he just needs to figure out his distractions on and off the football field.

Field Yates is reporting that Dwayne Haskins has indeed signed for the minimum with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He says there are no bells and whistles to Haskins reserve/future deal with the Steelers. It is a 1-year, $850K, 0 guarantees contract.

He still has plenty of money left on his Washington Football contract so he will not be hurting while trying to revive his football career in Pittsburgh. Yates says this was all about being a good fit for Haskins with a good chance to develop in Pittsburgh. Like I've said time and time again this was nothing more than a low-risk and high-reward deal for both sides. Let's just hope Haskins can deliver for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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