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Dwayne Haskins says he already loves the 'Burgh'

Dwayne Haskins time did not pan out really well while he was in Washington. It was quite a short stint with the team that took him in the first round of the 2019 NFL draft. Haskins was thrown into the fire while playing for the Washington Football team instead of sitting behind a Hall of Fame quarterback. That could be what is missing in his development. His former Head Coach Ron Rivera even says he believes Haskins still has a legit NFL arm. He just needs to find a way to get rid of the distractions on and off of the football field.

Ron Rivera on Dwayne Haskins: “He’s a very talented player. He’s got an NFL arm, a legit arm. And there’s a part of him that, that he wants to, he wants to, but something keeps getting in the way. I’m not sure what it was. And that was the hard part because he puts in the time … and then he doesn’t. And you wonder: ‘Where is he? What’s he doing?’ And then you see him over here and you go: ‘OK.’ And then you don’t see him."

It sounds like maturity is the biggest flaw of Dwayne Haskins and that is why Mike Tomlin pushed for the Steelers to pick him up in the 2021 offseason. Haskins will have to go into camp and prove himself, but if he does end up working out in Pittsburgh then the Steelers would get a first-round quarterback for virtually nothing. It benefits both sides to come together because Haskins can now play for a legit football program while trying to revive his career. The Steelers could get a good quarterback in return if everything works out.

Haskins recently took to Twitter and said "I love the burgh already. Appreciate all the support." He also took to his Instagram recently saying "Isn't she beautiful," to Heinz Field.

It seems Haskins is happy with Pittsburgh so far. Let's just hope everything ends up working out for both sides in the end because the Steelers could be looking at their future quarterback if it all works out once Ben Roethlisberger rides off into the sunset.


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