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Dwayne Haskins is 'happy as a kid in a candy store' to be with the Pittsburgh Steelers

One of the Pittsburgh Steelers' first moves of the 2021 season was to bring in Dwayne Haskins after he was cut from the Washington Football team. He signed with the Steelers on a win-win contract for both sides. Haskins can look to revive his career with the Steelers and the Steelers can get a top 15 draft pick for $850,000 with no guarantees. Great move by the Steelers.

It is said Mike Tomlin wanted Dwayne Haskins the most. Haskins has the same agent as Tomlin so it would make sense for Tomlin to go after him. After Haskins was signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers he said he is 'happy as a kid in a candy store' to be with an organization like the Pittsburgh Steelers according to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. Shawn Springs was a mentor with Haskins and has known him since he was 12 years old. He recently spoke with the Post Gazette on Haskins.

Springs on Haskins joining the Steelers: “I know he’s excited to be behind Ben and learn from Ben, and that’s all you ask for as a kid,” said Springs, who considers Steelers special teams coach Danny Smith a friend from their time spent together in Washington. “Normally, you could learn from a guy like Alex Smith, but he was in a tough situation, too. Now you get to be behind Ben Roethlisberger. Despite Pittsburgh not going as far as they wanted to last year, I actually thought Ben had a pretty good year.”

That is a big step and great news that Haskins is excited to sit behind Ben Roethlisberger. Maturity seems to be the biggest thing for Haskins. It seems he wasn't mentored right during his time in Washington. Hopefully, the distractions will go away once he comes into the Steelers organization. This is a great opportunity for him.

Springs on Haskins eliminating distractions: “The first thing I hope with Dwayne, and I’ve told him this, is you don't have a chance until you’ve eliminated a lot of the distractions going on in your life,” Smith told the late Terez Paylor on a Yahoo Sports podcast after the season. “And it’s hard as a young player, as a young draft pick, certainly as a quarterback, thrust with a lot of weight and expectations. … Certainly, there was a lot working against him here the last two years that didn't allow him to reach his potential. Because he’s a guy who’s crazy gifted, crazy talented, and he’s a good kid.”

Haskins mentor Shawn Springs says Haskins feels like he is with a team that wants him now. A team that will actually work with him to help him succeed. He says that's all young players want is to be wanted. Haskins had no offseason with the Washington Football team in 2020, he started 4 games before being benched in Washington, and people expected him to be Drew Brees... Springs says Haskins had better numbers than Daniel Jones, but he just didn't continue to play.

Springs on Ben Roethlisberger when he first started in the NFL: “Just think about Ben Roethlisberger. I remember people giving Ben a hard time because something happened in Georgia, something happened with a motorcycle. At the time, he was a young guy, winning the Super Bowl, so stuff happens. But he’s still Ben Roethlisberger. He was able to mature and do some really good things for the franchise.”

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