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Dwayne Haskins signs with Steelers

(Harry How/Getty Images)

After visiting the Steelers, Dwayne Haskins might be looking to see if he has the chance at a fresh start in the Steel City. Dwayne Haskins will need to earn his way on the roster for sure to end up being here for long-term. During this season with the Washington Football Team, he posted a 5-7 Touchdown/Interception ratio.

Steelers Fans, also remember. This is the guy Urban Meyer picked to start over Joe Burrow. This is key here. Meyer saw something in Haskins that hopefully a stable organization will be able to tap into and reap the rewards. All in all, I am very excited about this signing.

However, this might be the best thing for both parties. Dwayne gets his fresh start he so desperately needs. Also, the Steelers will be needing their Quarterback of the future and hopefully Haskins will get a chance to compete.

He posted crazy stats at Ohio State. He passed for the most TDs in a season by an Ohio State Buckeye Quarterback. In 2018, he threw for 50 of them. Ever since he was drafted by Washington, it seemed as if he didn’t get a fair shot. It makes you wonder, if he was drafted elsewhere, what would his career be like at this point.

That above, is what the Steelers will be looking at seeing if he can perform with some stability under his feet. The Steelers will hopefully be able to provide that for him. Hopefully, he gets his chance to prove the doubters wrong. This signing might shut the door on the very slim Deshaun Watson trade rumors to Pittsburgh. However, it is the cheaper option and that’s usually what the Steelers pick.

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