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Dwayne Haskins and his wife say don't 'believe' everything you read

(Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)

It was reported last night by 8 News Now in Las Vegas that Dwayne Haskins' wife Kalabrya Gondrezick-Haskins was charged with domestic battery after a July 3 incident at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

Haskins' wife is accused of knocking out one of his teeth when she punched him after a disagreement, according to an arrest report obtained by the I-Team. A piece of his tooth was found on the floor of a room at The Cosmopolitan.

“I want her out of my room,” Haskins told a security officer at The Cosmopolitan. “She hit me and cut my lip open.”

The dispute stemmed from plans for social outings. Instead of waiting for Kalbrya and the others, Dwayne and his friends went without them. When they returned, the fight got physical.

Haskins and his wife are now speaking out on the matter. Gondrezick-Haskins wrote on Instagram that people shouldn't believe everything they read and "this is sad smh."

Haskins also posted on Instagram that he didn't lose a tooth, which contradicts the report.

"I appreciate the concern ... However I have all my teeth. Don't believe everything you read. Peace," Haskins wrote.

According to KTNV in Las Vegas, in a separate interview, Kalbrya told investigators she tried to stop a fight between Dwayne and one of his friends earlier in the evening. She said she had fallen to the floor during that altercation and hit the back of her head, telling police she had head and neck pain, as well as bruises on her legs. Police noted that she "could not remember who, if anyone had battered her."

The report says she told police she was not sure what happened to Dwayne but suggested he got into a fight with his friend. Officers told her she was accused of punching Dwayne and the report says she asked if he was the one accusing her. It goes on to say she told investigators he could not be arrested "because of his occupation."

Two friends of Kalabrya were interview by police separately as well. The report says they both heard the couple arguing. One friend said she saw the couple "tussling," which is described as mutual shoving and pushing in the report.

Haskins was treated for facial injuries at Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center. Gondrezick-Haskins has posted bail and is expected to appear back in court on Aug. 3.

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